Youth Education/R.E.C. Room Staff


Anna Meredith, Youth Health Education Program Manager
Returning to Alaska after a splendid dairy farm childhood in New York State, I settled into the community of Homer working and learning in various fields from fishing, carpentry, land stewardship, behavioral health, and now I pleasantly find myself working with teenagers once again as the Youth Program Manager at KBFPC.

My job is to ensure KBFPC’s ever-providing style through serving the needs of Homer’s most valuable assets, our youth.  My work day glides between R.E.C. Room programming/hosting and the Promoting Health Among Teens sexual education/healthy relationship program where we work out in the community educating youth.  I’m proud to represent KBFPC working side-by-side with youth Peer Educators via the Homer Peer Education program.  Youth fulfill the sense of capability, growth, and right to be responsible which this program hopes to make available to young people in our community and surrounding areas.

In the rest of my life, I’m spending much time out and about with my family and two pups that rally through the country side.  We seek good times from barrels to peaks!  We’re currently building a house and are appreciative to have a constant connection with this community.

Connor Schmidt

Connor Schmidt, Peer Education Coordinator
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Cody Davidson, R.E.C. Room Coordinator 
In 2012 I began volunteering with the R.E.C. Room, which is a youth resource center provided by Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC). The R.E.C. Room provided me with an outlet to pursue my passion for teaching and music as I started a program called Youth On Record Alaska. Youth On Record Alaska teaches professional music production and engineering all the while holding a foundation of empowerment and positive reinforcement. Youth on Record Alaska has evolved over the years into a subculture or club atmosphere where former students return to volunteer as mentors, teachers and partners of this program.

For the past five years I’ve continued to teach Youth on Record Alaska classes as a volunteer and more recently I was hired to work as the R.E.C. Room coordinator during the school year. As the R.E.C. Room coordinator I  help provide adult support for the youth who visit as well as help coordinate events and general maintenance. I work with youth in many capacities due to my involvement with South Peninsula Behavioral Health’s Child and Family Services.

My personal life consists of thankfulness due to my lovely wife Brittani and my four children: Harmony, Justice, Talon and Sabriel. I am a teacher and music producer who lives in the most beautiful place on earth- Homer Alaska. I have earned my stripes as an Alaskan as I have spent many seasons out at sea as a commercial fisherman. I love and find hope through the youth in my community and I am humbled and honored to have the capacity to work next to many of the great ones through the R.E.C. Room.

Chloë Pleznac, Peer Educator
Chloë was born and raised in Homer, where she is currently attending Homer High School as a senior. She has been working at the R.E.C. Room since April of 2016, where she enjoys the opportunity to teach her peers and travel across the state meeting other interesting and passionate youth. In love with the idea of learning, as well as helping others, she plans on pursuing a doctorate in psychiatry after high school. In her spare time Chloë writes poetry, reads psychology textbooks, and listens to obscure indie bands.

Lia Jacobsen, Peer Educator
Lia was raised in Homer and is currently attending Homer High School as a Junior. Lia is planning on pursuing a life with animals and having many dogs. In her free time she likes to swim, help others, and listen to a variety of music while following her goal in life of being happy.

Parker Gibson, Peer Educator
Parker was born and raised in California for the first 10 years of his life, until he moved up to Alaska in 2012. He is currently attending Homer High School as a sophomore, where he is attempting to graduate early and earn a doctorate in astrophysics. He first visited the R.E.C. Room in February of 2017.