Welcome to the Parenting Corner

You can think of this as a spot to visit now and then to get ideas on websites to check out, videos, books and general tips for parents and mentors of teens.

The Radical Parenting website is a great place to go to get the real story about parenting from a young adults perspective. Vanessa Van Patten calls herself a ‘youthologist’ she hires teens to write articles for the site about issues that come up in parenting adolescents.

10 Tips from Teens to Adults

Here are 10 tips on how to develop a healthy relationship with a young adult, as usual it sounds like good advice for interacting with almost anyone:

1. Look at us. Make eye contact.
2. Spend time talking with us.
3. Listen. Pay attention. Don’t multi-task or get distracted when you’re with us.
4. Be dependable. Do what you say you’re going to do.
5. Show appreciation for what we do. Give compliments.
6. Relax. Don’t feel like you have to be on guard.
7. Show that you’re interested. Attend our concerts, games and other events. Ask us to show you what we can do.
8. Laugh with us (and at yourself). Laugh at our jokes. Show us your humor.
9. Ask us to help you. Ask us for our ideas. Share your own, too.
10. Challenge us. Teach us what you know. Push us to do our best.

-From the Search Institute

Recommended Reading

Here’s a great book to read if you are concerned about your child’s online social networking and other use of the internet: “Generation My SpaceHelping your Teen Survive Online Adolescence”

Since the publication of the book in 2007 the most popular network is now Facebook, but otherwise it’s on point.  Here’s a link to a review: http://beanworks.wordpress.com/2007/09/23/book-review-generation-myspace

You Tube Video on Parenting