Comprehensive Sex Ed: Out of School!

April 8, 2024

Out of School Comprehensive Sex Ed Badge

KBFPC’s Education Team is thrilled to offer foundational, age-appropriate sexual & reproductive health knowledge outside of the school day. This FREE, five-day workshop series uses KBFPC’s peer-to-peer education model and is available to all middle and high-school aged students, homeschool or in-school. Participants will be provided with food and drink each session, and will receive a gift card to a local business if they attend all five days!

If you are ready to sign up, here are the forms:

 12-14 years old: March 25-29

15-18 years old: April 15-19

Why is comprehensive sexual health education important for teens? The American Academy of Pediatricians reports: “Developmentally appropriate and evidence-based education about human sexuality and sexual reproduction over time provided by pediatricians, schools, other professionals, and parents is important to help children and adolescents make informed, positive, and safe choices about healthy relationships, responsible sexual activity, and their reproductive health. Sexuality education has been shown to help to prevent and reduce the risks of adolescent pregnancy, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections for children and adolescents with and without chronic health conditions and disabilities in the United States.”

Why does KBFPC use the Peer-to-Peer education model? Research shows that peer-to-peer learning is a highly effective way to improve knowledge and positively change behaviors about sexual health. KBFPC’s workshops will be facilitated by our professional adult Education Coordinator, Tyler Moskios-Schlieman, and trained teen Peer Educators with 2+ years experience.

Are KBFPC’s workshops in schools? These workshops will take place out-of-school at KBFPC’s education space: a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment. Sessions are from 4-6pm, Monday-Friday of the scheduled week, and each is limited to 10 teens per session. Transportation is not available.

What will teens learn? The topics covered in KBFPC’s workshops are medically accurate and evidence-based, meaning that participants are getting the most accurate, up-to-date knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. When it comes to talking about relationships, KBFPC’s compassionate approach allows young people to work through potential issues and challenges via discussion, hypothetical scenarios, and other activities. Our greatest hope is that workshop students will leave understanding the basics of sexual health, recognizing the characteristics of safe relationships, and feeling more empowered to make healthy decisions for themselves. KBFPC’s curriculum also has built-in conversation starters to help teens feel more comfortable talking to their families, and even friends, about these important topics and what they learn.

KBFPC’s Comprehensive Sex Ed workshop series will introduce key topics including:

  • Puberty: physical, social, and emotional changes; what is normal; hygiene.
  • Reproductive Anatomy: names and functions of the human body’s reproductive systems.
  • STI Prevention: how sexually transmitted infections are contracted and how to prevent their spread.
  • Values Exploration: how family, personal, and cultural values may affect teens’ attitudes and behaviors.
  • Contraception: how birth control works to prevent pregnancy; types of birth control available.
  • Abstinence: why sexual abstinence reduces or eliminates health risks and pregnancy.
  • Body Image: how peers, culture, and the media affect teens’ own self-image.
  • Boundaries: how to set clear, respectful expectations for how we wish to be treated.
  • Consent: how to say no, yes, and negotiate agreements in relationships.
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention: understanding when a relationship is dangerous or unhealthy; knowing what sexual exploitation looks like; how to get help.
  • Resiliency: finding inner strength and bouncing back from tough times.


What will teens gain from comprehensive sexual health with KBFPC? Teens and young adults who participate in comprehensive sexual health education improve knowledge and skills that “support healthy relationships, can build child sex abuse prevention skills, and can reduce dating and intimate partner violence.” (JAH, 2020) KBFPC’s workshop provides age-appropriate opportunities to practice communication through role play scenarios and activities that ask teens to critically think about how to make the best decisions for themselves and others. All content is based on National Sex Education Standards and KBFPC’s Resiliency-Informed Sexual Health and Wellness Lesson Package, approved by Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

We sincerely hope that your teen will join us – understanding sexual health makes each of us safer and allows us to live in a safer world together. Sign up here:

12-14 years old: March 25-29

15-18 years old: April 15-19

For questions, reach out to our Education Coordinator, Tyler, at or by calling 907-235-3436 x102.

PS: For parents and caregivers of teens, we now also offer Birds, Bees, and Beyond, a quarterly discussion group. Learn more here.