January Roundtable: Teen Legal Rights

January 9, 2024

Roundtable legal rights

Hi Everyone –

Our first Roundtable Discussion Group about Media Literacy was a smash – all of our participants walked away with a greater understanding of how relationships are portrayed in media and how they can better interpret messages in the future. We also got plenty of flack about how we are having a “Roundtable” discussion at tables that were clearly rectangular.

For January, we are hard at work preparing for our next Roundtable, which will be all about Legal Rights for Minors. There are so many questions we still have, but we want you to come and bring your own questions. There will be 2 chances to join – January 24th and January 31st, 4-6pm, at the REC Room.

The REC Peer Education Team will be offering monthly, afterschool discussion-based group events for teens on topics such as: media literacy, online safety, relationships and healthy communication, bullying, mental health, or other generated topics from our groups. Roundtables are designed to elicit critical thinking skills through guided discussions, but with the flexibility to work with whatever each participant brings to the table. There will also be discussion questions that each teen can take with them home to keep the conversation going with parents and family. We will always offer the same discussion for different age groups – one event for High Schoolers (9th-12th grade) and for Middle Schoolers (6th-8th grade).

Our next Roundtable will be about Teen Legal Rights, and will take place upstairs at the REC Room on Wednesday, January 24th, from 4-6pm. This event will be open to High School-aged teens(15-18). We will offer it again for Middle School-aged folks (12-14) on Wednesday, January 31st, from 4-6pm.

Parent Permission is required, so click here:

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For questions, email Tyler at tyler@kbfpc.org or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram: @homerrecroom