Respectfully Disagreeing. The Last Roundtable of this School Year!

April 19, 2024

Roundtable April May 2024 Respectfully Disagreeing

-“You always disagree with me…”

-“No, I don’t.”

-“See, you just did it again!”

Although the above example is definitely a way to get on the nerves of a sibling, it does prove a little bit of a point – It’s inevitable to disagree sometimes. I’m not talking about arguing like an seasoned lawyer, or even being on the debate team.

What we really want to talk about here is:

  • How can we disagree in a better way within our daily lives?
  • How do we differentiate between just a ‘difference of opinion’ and a real ‘dealbreaker’?
  • Can we sharpen our words to be more concise without hurting the feelings of others, and, for that matter, can we really hear the words of others and learn when it’s something to take personally, or something up for discussion?
  • Most of all, do we feel safe entering into a disagreement with someone, and how can we use assertive communication techniques and remaining respectful?

Come to our Roundtable Discussion on April 24th for 15-18 year olds, and on May 1st for 12-14 year olds. We’ll be exploring how to Respectfully Disagree together. As always, we will be accompanied by professional adult staff and the Peer Educators!

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