Seniors: An Appreciation

May 18, 2021

tossing graduation caps

That time of year has rolled around again, where the seniors are graduating and leaving the nest to move on to the next chapter of their life. Sadly for the Peer Education team, this means the seniors will be leaving us, if they haven’t already, to find new opportunities in their lives. I wanted to give all three of them a little acknowledgment and appreciation to see them off.

To start us off will be Maya Kelly. Sadly, she has just recently left the team but she still needs to be included here! She had been with the team since September of 2019. She’s been enthusiastic and charismatic from the start and was always there to help cheer people up or make someone smile. She was a natural leader, and just had the air of certainty around her. Don’t let this confuse you, she never lets things get too serious, and is always ready to pop a good joke. I hope that wherever she is headed in her life, whether that be college, a new job, traveling, etc. treats her well and she is able to prosper.

To share a fond memory of her, I remember when we had about 10 minutes before we had to be at the office, but we wanted snacks. So Maya, our old coworker Cole, and I did the fastest run through Ulmer’s ever, and almost died laughing when Cole canceled his transaction while checking out on accident. I will remember that for a long time to come.

Moving on to Simon Lopez. Simon has been with us since December of 2020. He has been a great teacher and an amazing coworker. Always calm and collected, he is a great person to go to if you need someone to listen to your troubles or just need someone to rant to. His calm aura spreads to the people he’s around, and it’s very comforting. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him, and I hope life treats him well.

Simon is someone who is very good at anything to do with sound tech or working behind the scenes, that’s actually something that will tie into my favorite memory of him! Recently, Simon was given the opportunity to be the new voice for the KBBI’s morning show! I hope he flourishes in that, and he continues to go on and do amazing things with his skills! Returning to his talents in tech, my favorite memory of Simon is when I was at the SalmonFest night party and I turned around and saw Simon working the lights and background setup. It was so cool!

I weigh Simon well on his new job! He will be the new voice of the KBBI radio station! Good luck buddy.

Last, but not least, is V, also known as Victoria Taylor. That’s me! It has been an absolute joy to work with this team and to be able to do and experience all the things I have with them. I would love to stick around but sadly my time has come and I must leave the nest. I hope that the team continues to do amazing things and help many people to come. I myself and moving on to bigger things, which include college and hopefully some new job opportunities.

Being a part of this team has been amazing, and being able to work with so many amazing individuals has been a true gift. Along with that, being able to write for the blog for all my wonderful readers has been a true joy!  Thank you to everyone who’s been here to support me, I am truly grateful.


Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Victoria is a senior at Homer High School, and has been the Peer Ed Writer since June 2020. She enjoys reading and listening to music, especially when she writes her blog posts! Whenever she writes a new blog, she tries to put a little bit of something unique in each post. Writing is one of her favorite activities, as it lets her express what she’s feeling and spreads positive messages to large numbers of people without ever having to open her mouth.

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