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Peer Education

The Peer Education teaching model draws on the credibility that young people have with their peers and leverages the power of role modeling to increase knowledge and safer behaviors among teens.

Research suggests that it’s more likely for a message to sink in when it comes from someone people believe is similar to them, who faces the same concerns and pressures. Peer Education empowers teens to make healthy decisions around sex, violence, and substance use.

Ask Our Peer Eds

Browse FAQs, submit your questions to our blog, and connect with staff and peer educators. From sexual wellness to mental health to building healthy relationships, we’re here for it and encourage questions!

All submissions are anonymous and answers will be shared on our blog.

Our Programs

The Peer Education team offers a variety of instruction for youth and adults to create an informed and teen-friendly community.

Hire us to teach!

The REC Peer Education team is available to teach in the southern Kenai Peninsula. Our library of material includes SafeZone LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity, and Healthy Lifestyles 2.0: Marijuana Early Prevention Curriculum, as well as lessons developed by KBFPC and guided by national standards. Curricula can be combined to meet your content and timing needs. Contact us to discuss education packages.

Alaska Teen Query Podcast

Explore the Circles of Sexuality from a teen perspective! Each episode features interviews on topics from birth control to gender roles, conducted and edited by our Peer Eds.

All six episodes of Season 1 are out now!