Youth Staff

Teens teaching teens.

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The REC hires teens ages 14-18 to teach with adult staff, co-lead workshops and activities, mentor other REC Roomers, and represent our organization in the community.

This means students get important information about health, relationships, life skills, and resources from their peers. Peer education helps increase knowledge and positive experiences for teens. Plus, it means the REC Room and KBFPC stay relevant to what young people in our community want and need.

What's a Peer Educator?

REC Peer Educators get paid to meet regularly as a team with the Peer Education Coordinator. They become experts on positive youth development, sexual health and wellness, and more. Trained Peer Eds co-teach our comprehensive, resiliency-based sexual health classes alongside program staff. Job perks include cool learning opportunities and creative projects, and getting to hang out with a seriously fun group of people.

What's a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors work with the REC Room Coordinator to master leadership and planning skills. They get paid to lead activities, support other teens, and keep things running smoothly. Peer Mentors help give teens ownership over the REC space and culture and make sure it’s welcoming and inclusive for all.

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Want to apply?

If this sounds like a role for you, or a teen you know, please apply or share the news! 

We accept inquiries and applications at any time from any local youth (recommended for 9th grade and up).

Meet Our Youth Staff

Esmé • Peer Educator

Esmé was born in Anchorage and moved to Homer in 2016 and has been living their best life ever since. An aspiring artist and cartoonist, they plan to get a job in the massage industry to help pay for some fancy graphic design school. They dream of eventually making an animated series. Esmé enjoys drawing comics, designing D&D adventures and playing video games in their spare time.

Esmé applied to be a Peer Educator to help educate their fellow students on how to be safe and informed regarding puberty, relationships and sex. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, they wish to bring understanding and acceptance to the community of Homer.

Mika • Peer Educator

Mika is a Senior at Homer Flex High School on track to graduate early. In his free time, Mika enjoys collecting and cleaning bones, and sometimes making jewelry and keychains out of them. Aspiring for a career in robotics software development, he loves all things technical and is fascinated by the basic, yet complex, way code works.

Mika wanted to be a Peer Educator because he learned a lot and had fun in one of the REC Room’s Middle School implementations, and wants to help other people have the same experience too. He loves when people feel comfortable enough to ask him a question about sexual health, and wants to make sure information and resources are easily available to anyone who wants or needs it.